Solace provides information and resources to guide transgender people through whatever process of gender transition they desire. Now available, for free, on iOS & Android .


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Keep track of your legal, medical, & lifestyle transition related goals.

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Built with love and managed with pride. Solace was designed with community feedback and built with a collalition of organizations, businesses, individuals, and members of the transgender community.


Frequently Asked Questions

Solace is a free mobile application for iOS and Android, developed in Austin, TX. Our mission is to empower transgender individuals to have agency in their gender transition by providing access to credible, relevant information and allowing users to create a custom roadmap toward accomplishing their personal goals. Using Solace, users can learn about important steps like how to update the gender marker on their legal ID, how to come out to friends and family, and what legal rights they may have (or not) in their state. By providing the current information relevant to each individual and then allowing them to mark the task complete, Solace empowers our users to complete these tasks with confidence and see themselves moving forward through their transition in real time.

Solace Plus is the home for our premium services that can help with your transition. Solace Plus is not required to use Solace and does not impact the in-app experience, which is 100% free to use.

At this time, we have two paid services, Envelopes and the Solace Concierge. The subscription price for these services supports Solace’s general operations and development, allowing us to keep the app free. Solace Plus is also the home of our curated playlists, other freebies, and anything else that we believe enhances the experience of transition. Learn more at Solace Plus.

Solace is funded by strategic partnerships and the proceeds from Solace Plus. Solace, the app, is owned by Euphoria (www.Euphoria.LGBT).

The information within Solace is compiled from publicly-available online sources, conversations with subject-matter experts, and user feedback. It’s important to note that we are not legal or medical experts ourselves. The content provided in Solace represents our best-faith effort to synthesize disparate sources into a general educational resource and is constantly evolving as new information becomes available. We recommend, in the strongest terms possible, consulting with a legal or medical expert who can tailor the information provided to your unique case and allow you to use it safely and confidently.

Due to the sensitive nature of the content in this app, our number one priority is ensuring that Solace is secure and safe for our users. We use industry-leading data encryption to make sure that nobody but the individual user can see their goals and progress; and yes, that includes us. We periodically send out an optional, anonymous user survey but that’s the only information we’ll ever collect for marketing or research purposes.

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